A Study of the Durand Line

This study looks at why the Durand Line dispute proves so difficult to settle.

Early British ventures in the region are analysed to show how the exponents of the confrontational and adventurous ‘Forward Policy’ did not foresee the problem that the Pashtun tribes of the North-West Frontier would create and pose to this day.

The inevitability of the Durand Line becoming a source of conflict is shown in the early relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan and how this has hindered attempts at reconciliation.

The main arguments from Afghanistan as to why she rejects the legitimacy and validity of the Durand Line as an international frontier are explored and also what the overriding obstacles remain to be that prevent negotiations from taking place, let alone a settlement of the dispute.

Possible solutions are looked at, taking into account important factors that threaten a peaceful  process towards a resolution.

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